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Client Testimonials


Fiona J.

"I would never have started this as circuits always put me off and I figured you needed more upper body strength. since lockdown began in March I put on over a stone. Not one for dieting my boyfriend told me to join his circuit class in the living room. Mick was amazing giving me easier ways to complete the tasks. Before long I was excited for circuits and the fact that I can do it from my living room without people staring at me was lovely. From the middle of April I have been doing at least one class a week and have gone from being able to hold a plank for 10 seconds to now holding for 60. I could never do press-ups and can now do 20 in 60s. Finally my work clothes that didn't fit at the beginning of June are now loose on me. Can't think of anywhere I'd rather be on a Tuesday evening at 6 than in my living room jumping around like an eejeit with Mick spurring me on. Big thanks!"


Matthew M.

"After the past few months with Mick I feel fitter and stronger and have a new enjoyment for exercise! The first few sessions were tough, but Mick's motivation kept me going and before long I noticed massive improvements. The sessions are completely catered to you, even down to the music, and they kept changing so I didn't lose interest. Mick guaranteed my goals, and I have more than met them whilst also enjoying every session along the way. Would highly recommend to anyone!"


Brian D.

"I've been training with Mic for over 3 years or so now and he has been unbelievably accommodating and welcoming. He is able to tailor his classes to everyone regardless of fitness level or ability. I recently joined in on a zoom class he is hosting (because of covid-19) and was surprised at how well it went. I can't wait for the next session. I would recommend these classes to everyone; young, old, fit or just starting out. Don't be afraid, give it a go. Don't think you can, know you can!"


Munira F.

"What I love about coach Mick is that he can work with anyone and anything. I don’t have the best equipment there is but he can always create a way to make it one. His sessions are fun because they are always different. This makes me look forward to our next session every time to see what’s gonna happen. I love how passionate and enthusiastic he is and how it reflects on me. He knows how to push your limits to do better and keep improving yourself. I definitely recommend Hammer Fitness NI to everyone."


Jacob T.

"I found out about Hammer Fitness NI through word of mouth, and have been going ever since!. The atmosphere is welcoming, people of all fitness levels attend. The sessions Mick provides are stimulating and relative to your skill, any exercise you are unsure of Mick will patiently and thoroughly explain until you are confident you can perform them. I travel weekly from Belfast to Ballynahinch for the class and I love it, for the people, the challenge and the results. Mick is a fantastic trainer and knows your limits and when you are able to achieve more. I can happily recommend Hammer Fitness NI to anyone starting their fitness journey or those currently on it!"


Ryan G.

" have just completed six weeks with Hammer Fitness NI Boxanity class at the Leisure Centre in Ballynahinch. I took this on as a new year resolution to get myself reasonably fit. The one hour works outs have been fun and challenging. Mick explains and demonstrates all elements of the class to a high level while pushing you on each week as you improve. The benefits of this personally have been great for not just strength and fitness but dealing with stress. Don’t be embarrassed to lift the lightest weights at the start for a couple of weeks."


Paula G.

"I have completed 12 sessions of 121 with Mick and can say they were all great. Mick is quick to see how much he can push you and knows what you are capability of even if you don’t know yourself (20kg plank hold for 2mins) and that was by week 6... great knowledge and I’ve learnt so much from him! If you’re wanting to get strong, get fit, lose weight then defo get in touch with Mick!"


Iain S.

"Big thanks to Mick for my son's boxing PT. He loved it..Great coach, great atmosphere and great tips ! Highly recommended coach and venue! 5 out of 5."


Brian V.

"Hammer Fitness is the way to go for one to one fitness training with a man that knows what he is doing. An absolute pro and gets results. Mick is hard working and dedicated to achieving your goals . Highly recommended!"


Noel G.

"I can’t rate and recommend Mick highly enough, my Mum had been seeking to begin some form of exercise but didn’t have the confidence & motivation to attend a gym, classes etc. The service Mick provides as a PT coming to the house has been invaluable! My Mum is feeling good & healthy thanks to the exercise & motivation Mick has delivered. my Mum now looks forward to each class! It’s a first class service."


Rachael R.

"Have really enjoyed my sessions over the last few months and have seen great results. I’m feeling fitter, healthier and have even lost weight! Mick is enthusiastic, reliable and encouraging. He will do the exercise alongside you or distract you with conversation! No two sessions are the same but each definitely works every muscle! Mick will do his best to fit sessions in around what suits me. I would highly recommend as a PT."