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Personal Training

Private Garden/Gym Studio for 121 Personal Training

121 or Couples Personal Training at my Private, garden gym/studio at BT24 8NU. Whether it's weight loss, fitness, strength training, boxing coaching or GP L3 Referrals & rehabilitation my sessions always get the desired results. My fully equipped studio along with your chosen playlist, helps me deliver outstanding results to anyone who invests in their health.

Boxanity Bootcamps

Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-8pm | £8 per session or £40 for 6

My outdoor workouts start with a full warm up & then gentle 80m incline jogs in between exercises such as…⁣

  • Leg strength moves⁣
  • Core strength moves⁣
  • Upper body strength moves ⁣
  • Boxing Training moves⁣
  • HIIT + HICT moves ⁣
  • Time Under Tension moves ⁣
  • Abs & glutes + more!

Work out at your own pace, no pressure just an experienced professional coach.


Boxanity Bootcamp

Saturdays 8:30am-9:30am | £40 for 6 weeks

Total body workout for all - tyres used for a variety of exercises designed for weight-loss, lower limb strength & upper body strengthening along with stress busting Boxing style training moves.

Open to all levels of fitness & ability

Only 10 spaces available

(6 gone already!)

Gender: Unisex

Online Workouts

Elite 121 PT Sessions In Your Home


Popular class developed during lockdown and still in demand. Using some limited equipment at home (bands, dumb-bells, kettle-bells) Total body workout with strength & conditioning developed for 40+ transformations.

Choose your pricing plan. All first-time packages are eligible for 15% discount!

6 Weeks - 1 x per week


every Year

1 day free trial

Perfect for someone looking to maintain their fitness.

1 x 1hr 121 PT session per week specifically tailored.

£178.50 1st time package (15% Discount)

12 Week Makeover


every Year

1 day free trial

Perfect for someone just making that 1st step!

Tailored PT sessions for that Client.

Sessions aimed at boosting metabolic rate with flexibility.

£357 1st time package (15% Discount)

18 Week Transformation


every Year

1 day free trial

Clients looking to change for the better!
Tailored transformation plans.
Metabolism boosting - Weight-loss etc.
£535.50 1st time package (15% Discount)

121 Online Sessions


every month

Valid for 3 months

Whatever works for you.
PT in your own home online
Any equipment will be utilised!
Whatever training you require.

Small Group Online


every month

Valid for 3 months

Weight loss and fitness plus stress relief all to good tunes

Spartan Race Training


This is a popular trend in the fitness world today. Its about tapping into our primeval brain & getting back to what humans were born for! Getting down & dirty, smashing goals & obstacles & feeling amazing at the finish line. It really does make you feel alive & help you in so many ways. Don't be scared, give it a go & join my team of Spartans.

Personal training, nutrition & Training Bootcamps In Ballynahinch

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